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Our mission : transforming risk analytics into competitive edge for leading financial professionals

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You are a financial adviser, a portfolio manager, or you run a Family Office ?

ALGOSAVE helps you directly increase your investment PERFORMANCE with PEACE OF MIND.
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You are the head of Credit Committee and/or a high caliber corporate banker ?

ALGOSAVE helps you secure COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE in your corporate loan underwriting business.
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You are Chief Risk Officer or the Head of “Economic capital and Strategy” of your financial institution ?

ALGOSAVE helps you SAVE substantial capital and IMPROVE RAROC assessment thanks to superior estimates of Joint Default Probabilities as well as highly granular, seniority and scenario sensitive Loss Given Default.
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You are a risk manager ? 

ALGOSAVE helps you increase the POWER and REACH of your simulations and stress tests.
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You are an equity, credit, CVA or derivative trader ? 

ALGOSAVE helps you BEAT COMPETITION. Say good-bye to “volatility skew” and 60%-standard LGD.
Access ALGOSAVE PRICING PLATFORM and you may like this post on how forward looking, scenario-sensitive, issuer and seniority specific LGD term structure helps you price unbeatable credit derivatives and CVA

You are a corporate or an industry analyst ?

ALGOSAVE helps you increase the POWER and UNIQUENESS of your strategy and financial analysis.
Access ALGOSAVE CORPORATE VALUATION PLATFORM and you may like this post on the WACC we – analysts – should be using to value a corporate Free Cash Flow and ultimately Enterprise Value

You are in charge of IFRS 9 and CECL regulations ?

ALGOSAVE helps you challenge your in-house Expected Credit Losses (ECL), with genuinely Point in Time, scenario-sensitive and forward-looking ECL.
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With ALGOSAVE by your side, you can be sure you gain competitive edge for investments, corporate loan underwriting, capital management and trading.

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