ALGOSAVE is proud to join RBS Natwest FinTech Accelerator

Gordon Merrylees, Managing Director Entrepreneurship, NatWest said “We are delighted to welcome David Botbol and ALGOSAVE on to the programme in London. ‘With our unique offering that provides the right environment, coaching and networks, we help entrepreneurs start, scale and succeed every day.” We look forward to seeing David engage with the programme and grow ALGOSAVE business with us.”



ALGOSAVE elevator pitch with Mr. Jan Christopher Arp co-founder and Managing Partner @ Holt Fintech A.I Accelerator

Fintech Junction is one of the best organized FinTech event in Israel.

It comes bundled with interesting forums, attractive and engaged sponsors, as well as professionally organized 1-on-1 meetings opportunities.

One of those meeting gave me the opportunity to meet with Mr Jan Chritopher Arp, co-founder and Managing partner at Holt Accelerator – – which is one of the leading and most experienced family-office in the world.

Jan Christopher gave me the opportunity to make an ALGOSAVE elevator pitch :

Thank very much Jan Christopher, and hopefully see you soon in Montreal ?

This time I will have a real opportunity to sing “Oh Canada, our home and native land, true patriot love in all of us command …” 😉